100 word challenge


Something you might have on your bed or around your house to decorate stuff. Usually they are very comfortable.



It can be a name, it can be a colour. No one can tell you off for calling it a colour or a name.



If you have siblings you know the pain of sharing things you don’t want to share. It can be so frustrating!



One day you might help someone water plants such as parents, friends and family members



A beautiful, sweet sounding, enjoyable instrument to play. You can spot it in sweet sounding orchestras!


Read like a reader

Read like a reader- little Ania- William Hugel:


Prediction: I predict that this text will be about a little girl called Ania and how she becomes older and more mature.


Questions: Does little Ania have a mental health problem?


Infer: I’m inferring that little Ania hasn’t got many friends.


Connect: I can relate to little Ania with my hair being like rats tails because when I wake up in the morning my hair is rats tails. I can’t even get a brush through it. It’s a challenge.


Feel: When I found out little Ania was being bullied I felt really sorry for her.


Evaluate: I loved this short story. It had a lot of emotions. I would highly recommend this book.


Read like a writer- Eleven

Read like a writer- Eleven


Ideas: I feel that this text’s main idea was how when you turn eleven you don’t feel eleven until you’re nearly twelve. Instead you feel the ages 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and even 1. For example one day you might feel scared so you sit on your parents lap and that’s part of you that’s 5.


Organization: I think the author laid out their work really well. They used their paragraphs really well by following the rule new idea, new paragraph.


Voice: I feel like the author of this short story explained how you wouldn’t feel 11 when straight away. This short story really stood out to me because the author put a lot of personality into this story and it felt like they were talking to me directly.


Word choice: I feel like the words that the author used made this short story more memorable. He/she used various strong verbs.


Sentence fluency: I feel like the author made a lot of sense in this story. The sentences had amazing words in them that made sense.


Conventions: The punctuation, spelling and grammar in this story was amazing. It made sense. And I enjoyed reading it.


Desert Adaptations Goal Reflection

This term we focused on animal adaptations as our integrated topic. In the past few weeks we have been working on a project about desert plants and animal adaptations. In this project we had to include a PowerPoint, annotated diagram, model and a science experiment. The main information we had to include was adaptations on our chosen animal/plant (mine’s the spencer’s burrowing frog).


I think my partner and I achieved a lot in working above expectations. Some things that I felt really stood out in our presentation were:

  • PowerPoint:

Navigational features– Bibliography that includes more than 3 sources correctly set out; Headings and subheadings that assist in navigation of text; Glossary includes definitions of all tier 3 language

  • Diagram:

Diagram carefully drawn that uses labels to identify and explain key adaptations that are central to your species survival in the desert.

  • Model:

Model includes annotations to identify and explain key adaptations that are central to your species survival in the desert.

  • Experiment:

Included a reflection – Would you change or improve your experiment if you did it again? What might be another experiment that could be carried out to extend knowledge of this area?

  • Presentation:

There is a close to equal balance of presentation time for each team member.

  • Collaborative skills:

Roles allocated according to ability and strengths but maintaining balance.


I feel that we could improve on presenting our project a bit more confidently because my partner and I were both a bit nervous and we stumbled on some words even though we knew them but fear got in our way. I also feel like in our experiment we should made the strengths and the same the way we dig the same.


Over all I think we worked above expectations because I feel like we presented our PowerPoint well, we hand drew our diagram without tracing and included labels of key adaptations, in our model we explained the environment our creature lives in and made it look life-like, we came up with an experiment inspired by the spencers burrowing frog’s digging implants, we followed our script and other than being nervous I think we did really well on presenting and I feel we used a lot of collaborative skills such as checking in with each other because we both agreed to do different parts of the project on our different skills and strengths.


3 facts I found interesting:

  1. A frog doesn’t chew its food but swallows it whole….with its eyes shut. Its big eyes bulge out of its head but also poke down into the mouth. When the frog has food in its mouth, it pushes its eyes down several times to crush it. Then it swallows.
  2. The name amphibian comes from two Greek words: amphi (meaning double) and bios (meaning life). It refers to the way these animals live in two worlds.
  3. Scientific name: Opisthodon spenceri


2 understandings I now have:

  1. That spencer’s burrowing frog doesn’t like hot conditions although they live in the in the desert instead they use their digging implants to burrow underground to moist conditions.
  2. That there’s no need to be scared of my own classmates because it’s just a project and there’s no need to be scared.


1 wonder I still have:

  1. Why are they the colour they are?


The most interesting thing I learnt:

  • Was that doing something this big would on my own would be hard so I’m grateful that I have a partner to do this project with me? It was also being able to trust yourself no matter how hard the project gets.


How I learnt it:

  • As the project went on I realised that I would have never have done it on my own on time and trusting myself helped me get through the project a lot easier.


What I’m going to with what I’ve learnt:

  • Whenever I get a topic related to this I will use my prior knowledge about animal adaptations.


During this project I think I achieved a lot.














By Eloise


Down came the rain at 12:03. My eyes open. I walk down the corridor towards the staircase. I feel a gush wind behind me I turn around. To my shock something’s written on the wall. “Daddy’s gonna get you.” I run down to the stairs into the toy room and lock the door. I hear a noise. I quickly turn around. I see a doll on a chair looking directly at my eyes. I slowly walk towards it. It was my favourite doll when I was younger. Her name was Rose. She had red hair with 2 plates. Suddenly lightning struck outside my house destroying my garden. I turn back to the doll. She’s holding a miniature her. I hear a voice. It’s coming from her! “ I love you dolly, but daddy’s gonna get you.”


The story of death







Written and published by Eloise

I’m in my bedroom, my eyes are closed but really I’m awake. I can’t go to sleep no matter how hard I try. My parents are out visiting my grandparents, I’m home alone. Downstairs I can hear our grandfather clock ticking. “Tick, tock, tick, tock.” Over and over again until! “Bong, bong, bong!” It’s three in the morning! I close my eyes and try to fall asleep but I just can’t!


It’s 8:30am and I’m waiting for the bus to pick me up and take me school. My eyes are bloodshot red! I couldn’t get a wink of sleep at all last night. I text my parents to say hi. No answer. “That’s odd.” I say to myself. “My parents usually text me back straight away.”


When I arrive at school I check my phone to see if my parents responded before I lock my phone away in my locker and go to class “still nothing.” I say. First I had science.


I walk up the stairs, open the door to the science lab. To my shock I see Mrs.Quarrell crying against her desk. I want to ask her what’s wrong but I didn’t want to disturb her. When I turn around about to walk back down the stairs I hear a “smash!” I rush back into the lab to see if everything’s okay. “Mrs.Quarrell, where are you?” my voice starts to rise with panic. I look over to the window, it’s smashed with glass and blood scattered all over the floor.

At lunch I run straight to the office to tell them about Mrs.Quarrell. I open the door, rush up to the desk and ring the bell. No answer. I ring it a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time until I know for sure that no one’s there.


When the bell rang at the end of the day I rushed out the school gates to the bus stop. When the bus arrived I hopped on.


When I arrived at my house I opened the front door to discover that someone broke into my house. I rushed into the living room to see my parents dead on the floor with blood surrounding them.







BTN- Weedy Seadragon

Just 15k from Sydney is dragon territory .These creatures are native to Australia. They can be found mostly on the south-east coasts. They are related to sea horses and mostly just drift about in the water. the only problem is these creatures are becoming harder and harder to spot not because they are really good at camouflaging. to help this problem instead of tagging each one they find they are asking scientists to take photos of each one they find so the people who organize this name each one and they can tell which one is which.



The Death of a Wonderful, Caring Friend

By Eloise



Dear Cadbury,

Whenever I’m feeling blue, you come up to me. Whenever I’m filled with joy, I share that joy with you. You are my friend, my brother and my pet. You are the sun in my life, the one I share my life with, the one I care about a lot. You’ve been with me my whole entire life. I love you for who you are. But soon you’ll be gone forever and there will be a dark hole in my heart. I know you brother died of cancer and you will soon join him in heaven. I just want you to remember this I have always loved you and always will.

Love from you emotional sister, Eloise


This video clip was about what happened at Manchester a couple of days ago and just a reminder to anyone who might felt worried or frighted by this please talk to someone such as a trusted adult or you can go on the BTN website to look at some resources and tips they put together.



  1. They are working with other international agencies as they gather information about what happened at Ariana Grade’s concert.
  2. Australia’s prime minister is supporting in this situation.

At exactly 11:59 my tummy started to rumble in pain as I watched others dig into their lunch meals. I was lining up for the cafeteria at school but the problem was I was behind millions of people! Okay, maybe not that many but I was still at the very back of the line. Finally! The line moved at least 5 centimeters in 15 minutes. At this rate I’ll never even get half way. But at that very moment I saw something that could change my life forever! A cheeseburger was left on someone’s seat I rushed over and out from nowhere popped 2 little hands that seemed like they were made out of newspaper. “HELP!”

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