BTN #7

Ancient study of astronomy



Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Questions- Lilac

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This video talked about the ancient study of astronomy. It mention three main components of our  understanding today on the study of space. The three cultures were Babylon, Mayan and ancient Greek.  Even though there have been many discoveries over the years these are the base ones.

  • The Babylons invented one of the first calendars. It was a mathematical model that could record giant astronomical events and now you may recall them as things to record time.


  • The Mayans were interested in horoscopes as well as the Babylons.The Mayans had documents on their space study but unfortunately they were burnt by the Spanish conquistadors.


  • A Greek astronomer in Rome called Tallemy, discovered the Ptolemaic system. That was his most famous discovery. It stated that Earth was in the center of the universe. Later on this statement was proven to be incorrect. Also Hipparticus ( who was considered to be the world’s most famous astronomer) recorded many stars and invented the procession of the equinoxes. Which is the term for the earth wobbling around its axis.


  • What caused the Spanish conquistadors to burn the Mayans’ studies?
  • What made Tallemy think that the earth was in the center of the universe?


  • I learnt that we take a lot of things for granted , such as calendars but if these three cultures didn’t discover these things we probably wouldn’t even know what day it is.

Literature Circles Book Reveiw

Book: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Group members: Me, Bridget, Declan, Ethan and Emma

Literacy Circles Book Review


The title of this book is: The Giver

The author of this book is: Lois Lowry

The genre of this book is: Fiction that is set in the future

Summary: This book is about a small community that has very strict laws and punishments. This book tells the story of a boy called Jonas. Jonas is given the role of the receiver of memory. Throughout this book he learns what life used to be like. How you could see colours and how you could do whatever you want whenever you want within reason. But when you are training to become the receiver of memory you have to follow certain rules. You will no longer be able to share your dreams or socialise as much as you used to. I guess with every opportunity comes a price.


Positives and negatives of this book: A negative in my opinion was that at times it became boring because of unnecessary details. A positive in my opinion was that it did have a meaningful side to it.


Audience recommendations: I would recommend this book to people who take what they have for granted.


Star rating: 1 out of 5




Difficulty: 7.5 out of 10


Review by Eloise

100wc #22

PROMPT: it reminded me of a time when

The day I found out that Jack was sick in hospital with heart problems and Nan was “losing her marbles” made my heart break. And that day very day was today, 5 minuets ago. It reminded me of a time when I couldn’t imagine my family without me. Well the truth was it was about to become a reality. Iv’e only seen my Nan twice in my life. And Iv’e only seen Jack once. What happens if Nan forgets me? How long will Jack stay in hospital for? Will the ever get better? 


Original lyrics- Lost and Found

I posted the lyrics to this song because I find it inspiring to listen to, because it represents how we shouldn’t be afraid of judgement and how there is only one you.

Everybody tries to put me in a box
Tell me to be different, to be something i’m not
But i don’t wanna see a photocopy                                                                                                                                                                                                When i’m staring in the mirror

I’ve got nothing to prove
I’m breaking all the rules
I’m not your typical
I’m original

Like Mona Lisa’s smile
Like Elvis Presley’s style
The first one of my kind
I’m all original, original
I’m certified unique
100% a masterpiece
No, you can’t copy me
I’m all original, original

I won’t apologize
For drawing out the lines
I’m a strike of lightning
And i won’t strike twice
Crashing through the walls
Like a cannonball
Just watch me rockin’ my way

I’ve got nothing to prove
I’m breaking all the rules
I’m not your typical
I’m original, original
I’m one in a million
I’m once in a lifetime

Like Mona Lisa’s smile
Like Elvis Presley’s style
The first one of my kind
I’m all original, original
I’m certified unique
100% a masterpiece
No, you can’t copy me
I’m all original, original

Book Review

Title: My life as an ALPHABET

Author: Barry Jonsberg 

This book is about a girl called Candice Phee and how she is assigned to write a report about her life from A-Z. (A paragraph on each letter.) But knowing Candice she writes more than two pages on each letter. During this journey you find out that Candice has a lot of problems in her life. It’s mainly about her family. For example: Her mum has depression, she has cancer and she lost a child. Her dad has apparently been robed, his brother stole his million dollar idea and he lost a child. As you can see there are a lot of complications in Candice’s life. she wants everyone to be happy and she’s not selfish at all.

100wc #21

PROMPT: Teacher   Alligator   Mauve   Climbed   Tricky

The voice of my TEACHER continued to ring in my head. Why was I thinking about school? Oh, right. It’s because my TEACHER is treating me like a six year old. She gives me “TRICKY” work. You know just because I might of had special needs when I was younger it doesn’t mean that you can give 10+10 equations to solve when I’m in year nine. But that night I did something I would never usually do. I wrote a mature, complicated story that caused me to think out side the box. It said:

The MAUVE sunrise woke me from my forever sleep. It was as if ALLIGATOR was chasing me because my heart was racing and thumping louder than it ever has before. I CLIMBED up to the top of the tree and there was my death waiting for me.


Spring holidays 2018

Hey guys,

Finally it’s the Spring holidays for 2018! 1 more term left of primary school until I move up to high school. What are you doing for the holidays? Comment down below.





Never alone

By Eloise


I stood there. Lost. My life has gone down the drain. I have nothing. Flames flash through my mind. The smell of burnt ash continues to follow me where ever I go. The image of the body dropping dead in front of my eyes sticks to me like glue. At that very moment I was confused, scared and furious. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I didn’t know what to do.

The sound of sirens came down the corner. I ran. What else could I do?  The red and blue flashing lights weren’t that far behind me. As I ran down the side of the river I saw a glimpse of my reflection. In the reflection there was a monster, a monster in the mirror. I used to be loved. But now I have nothing. There’s no point to life. There will never be a place for me.


The crackling of the leaves scared me each time I moved. It came up to the point where I collapsed into the cold, hard ground. It wasn’t long until bugs acted as my blanket.


As the sun rose the next morning I finally began to realise what I’ve done and why I did it. I guess it was in the heat of the moment that I just cracked. It started off with my mother telling me how to live my life. You see I’m now twenty-three and I guess my mother just had to learn how to let go. She had me when she was seventeen and I think I took her life away from her. My grandmother would always tell me stories about how my mother was a party person and how she would always push Nan’s buttons. I know now that I definitely went too far when I struck that match and threw it into the carpet. I ran and left my mother behind. I’m confused about my life, and I have nowhere to go. My grandmother died a week ago due to a major stroke, I never got to meet my father or grandfather and now here I am. Alone.


The sound of a gunshot broke the (for what seemed like) forever silence. And then another, and another. There was a sequence of gunshots until I cried. “Wait! Can you just come into the light so I can see the face of my killer?” The figure took two slow steps, then came to a halt.

“I’m the killer am I? You’re the one who killed Maria, my ex-wife!”

“Your ex-wife? She’s my mother!” Suddenly the figure dropped the gun and stepped into the light. He had the same sparkle in his hazel brown eyes. “You left my mother when you found out that she was pregnant with me! And now you’ll pay.” I took a knife from my back pocket and stabbed it into his stomach. Blood dripped down his leg and he collapsed to the ground.


I ran. I ran to be free. I’ve done things that have changed my life forever. I can’t turn back now. I can only move forward.