Never alone

By Eloise


I stood there. Lost. My life has gone down the drain. I have nothing. Flames flash through my mind. The smell of burnt ash continues to follow me where ever I go. The image of the body dropping dead in front of my eyes sticks to me like glue. At that very moment I was confused, scared and furious. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I didn’t know what to do.

The sound of sirens came down the corner. I ran. What else could I do?  The red and blue flashing lights weren’t that far behind me. As I ran down the side of the river I saw a glimpse of my reflection. In the reflection there was a monster, a monster in the mirror. I used to be loved. But now I have nothing. There’s no point to life. There will never be a place for me.


The crackling of the leaves scared me each time I moved. It came up to the point where I collapsed into the cold, hard ground. It wasn’t long until bugs acted as my blanket.


As the sun rose the next morning I finally began to realise what I’ve done and why I did it. I guess it was in the heat of the moment that I just cracked. It started off with my mother telling me how to live my life. You see I’m now twenty-three and I guess my mother just had to learn how to let go. She had me when she was seventeen and I think I took her life away from her. My grandmother would always tell me stories about how my mother was a party person and how she would always push Nan’s buttons. I know now that I definitely went too far when I struck that match and threw it into the carpet. I ran and left my mother behind. I’m confused about my life, and I have nowhere to go. My grandmother died a week ago due to a major stroke, I never got to meet my father or grandfather and now here I am. Alone.


The sound of a gunshot broke the (for what seemed like) forever silence. And then another, and another. There was a sequence of gunshots until I cried. “Wait! Can you just come into the light so I can see the face of my killer?” The figure took two slow steps, then came to a halt.

“I’m the killer am I? You’re the one who killed Maria, my ex-wife!”

“Your ex-wife? She’s my mother!” Suddenly the figure dropped the gun and stepped into the light. He had the same sparkle in his hazel brown eyes. “You left my mother when you found out that she was pregnant with me! And now you’ll pay.” I took a knife from my back pocket and stabbed it into his stomach. Blood dripped down his leg and he collapsed to the ground.


I ran. I ran to be free. I’ve done things that have changed my life forever. I can’t turn back now. I can only move forward.


100wc #20



We just arrived in Italy and we were walking to a cafe. The cafe was called Buckley’s chance. The fresh air melted my heart. The colour of the water was just beautiful. It was blue and nothing but blue. The seagulls sang their song along the sandy shore. And I was lost in my own  fantasy world. When all of a sudden the ground started to shake and I collapsed to the ground. A hands holding a rod rose from the ground. You could see the purple vans tensing as they rose even higher. Suddenly the hands turned to stone.

100wc #19

PROMPT: but what colour should it be?

I can’t believe that this is happening! This year has gone so fast. This is the end. It’s the end of friendships. It’s the end of primary school. Goodbye friends, goodbye teachers and hello to change. It’s hard for me because I absolutely hate change! My friends and I were browsing for our outfits for graduation when we came across the shop Forever New. We all found beautiful dresses but There was a problem with mine. But what colour should it be? I started to stress out. What if I don’t find the perfect outfit for me? How embarrassing would it be? 

100wc #18

PROMPT: Stairs River Pink Cooked Nervous

I remember that message. It stuck to me and it always will. Every time I think about it I become NERVOUS and anxious. The smell of freshly COOKED  bread that woke me every morning. The sound of the RIVER rushing down the road that let me sleep each night. The sight of my sick father walking up the STAIRS with his PINK notebook. I didn’t understand why he insisted on keeping his favourite colour a secret. But after that night I finally realised why. I finally appreciated him. I remember what he said to me before he collapsed in front of me. He said “Don’t base your life on the judgement of others. Don’t be afraid to be you. Look what it’s done to me. Judgement is our greatest fear.”

100wc #17

PROMPT: why would I do that?

I stood there. Lost. I looked at what was left of my life. Nothing. What have I done? Why would I do that? How could I be so stupid. I can still see the flames flashing through my mind. The memories have gone down the drain. I killed my mother. All of a sudden I heard sirens. I didn’t think. Now I’m lost. I have nothing. My life is gone forever. I ran. That’s all I can do. I didn’t make it far. I heard a gun shot. I came to a halt, fell to the ground and I felt the police place the hand culfs around my wrists. My life is over.

100wc #16

PROMPT: Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock

I was dark. Late, in fact. My CLOCK was ticking. It REGULARLY did that. What am I saying it always does that. I quietly walked down the creaky stairs. I am an only child. My little sister, Victoria, died when she was six months old. She died because I was stupid, and I was playing with matches. To this day I can still see the FLAME surrounding Tori. I opened the fridge door, poured some lemon, LIME bitters into the royal blue glass and drooped exactly two ICE cubes into the cup. This is my life. Why?

5 minute writing challenge

PROMPT: Mrs Dixen’s house, Heidi and I once had a dream about a Moose trying to kill me.

April fools blank

I was at Mrs Dixen’s house minding my own business when Heidi popped out of nowhere. Then she grabbed my hand and took me to the game room. She sat on the floor, crossed her legs and started to do something that looked and sounded like meditating. She said:

“Have you ever felt as if you were drowning then out of nowhere a golden leaf pops up and takes you to see a squirrel who then tells you life is pain. So then you feel depressed so a moose tries to murder you in your classroom.”


100wc #15


Inspiration: I NEED FREEDOM TOO- Beyonce. This song is based on the “black” people’s perspective of the situation of the I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH.

My name is Lowanna. I was stolen from my home, my family when I was young. And now I’m forced to work as a slave all day. I’m one of many suffering a similar situation. We’re not allowed to have a drink when we want to and we’re not allowed to go to the toilet when we want. We are treated like this just because we are different. Obviously the white people think they’re in charge of us. I don’t think that’s fair at all. So you know what I’m going to do something about it. Hopefully I and many others will find our happy place eventually. If only there was a magical door that could lead us to where we belong.



The Mistake

Written and published by Eloise


I was driving home. It was late. Some idiot bashed up my car whilst I was in the hospital saying goodbye to my mother. My mother was all I had. My father cheated on her when I was six. Since then he’s never wanted anything to do with us. He took our house, our money and our hearts. Not long after that Mum wanted to become suicidal. Then I promised her and myself that I’ll take care of her until the minute I stop breathing. I broke that promise today and I hate myself for that.


Suddenly rain started to pour down and the gutters were over flowing. I had to pull over. I ran through the pouring rain, dripping wet. I saw an old asylum and r5ealized it was my only hope.


Inside the asylum there was a gold plaque with a poem on it. It said:

Running, screaming, doors are locking. Time is gone. Stop. Blood is dripping. She is dying. He is winning. THIS IS MURDER.


I slowly stepped back. All my energy was gone. It was as if a spirit had drained all my energy. Suddenly something stabbed into my back. The pain was excruciating. I turned around to see a familiar face. It was my father!

“You’ve made a huge mistake Lilia.” He said. Then I dropped dead.