100wc #25

PROMPT: Picture, old bike in a tree in the forest.

Have you ever felt as if you were alone? As if you had no one to turn to, no one to hug and no one to speak to you? Well that’s me. my name is Stephanie And I’ve always been different from everyone else. I don’t know why. I’ve known these people since I was born. I just don’t seem to fit in. My parents always say that it’s not a bad thing, They say it shows that I’m unique. I feel like I’m one bike stuck in a tree.

100wc #24

PROMPT: Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty


YELLOW cars were lined up in a row

They were recently wrapped with a PRETTY bow.

King Kong the GORILLA was RUNNING towards me,

So I made a decision and decided to flee.

The YELLOW BRICKS road lead me to danger,

So called out for help and then came a park ranger.

I was in unknown fantasy based world,

Where all the pink trees were curled.

I jumped into a puddle,

And then all of a sudden someone gave me a cuddle.

I had an urge to discover,

So I decided to go undercover.


I am the daughter who is loving and caring,

And no matter what I’m always sharing.

I am the sister who knows when to stop,

Even though she wants to not.

I am the dancer who dances to the rhythm and beat and never complains, nor do I cheat.

I am the swimmer who always tries her best,

And I’m always up for a challenge or quest.

I am the friend who is loyal,

And I like to treat my friends as if they are royals.

I am a girl who never closes the blinds,

And I’m never afraid to step out of the lines.

I am me and that’s all I can be.


100wc #23


because I said so

“Damo, I don’t think we’re meant to be here.”

“Ally, it’s fine.”

“Look, I’m the oldest and I say we should go back.”


 Because I said so.” 

“Fine, just give me one more minute.” I climb back onto my horse, when all of sudden I hear a sound coming from the bushes. “Damo, I think it’s time to go back now!”

I can hear footsteps coming in our direction. They’re getting louder and louder. I can hear tree bunches crunching and leaves crackling.

“Damo, look out!”




Valedictorian Speech 2018

Valedictorian Speech


Welcome fellow year 6 students, parents and teachers to our year 6 graduation for 2018!


I would like to start by acknowledging the last 7 years we’ve spent at Moonee Ponds Primary School! From the excitement filled buddies’ excursion in prep to the competitive public transport challenge it would be hard to think of a heart wrenching moment.  In this very school we learnt how to read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide and much more. 7 years ago we made friends that we’ll remember forever just like the memories that have been created here. But also in this very school it is where we’ll be saying our goodbyes in just a couple of days. In high school we’ll continue to learn new and exciting things but the techniques we’ve learnt here have created the base of our learning for the future. So we can thank the school and our teachers for that.

This group of year 6 students are the best because we have talents that may have never been heard of before. For example: Ava and her acrobatic skills. Alexia and Heidi are known for their logic. Sofia’s talent is her knowledge on Twilight, Riverdale and ballet. All the boys’ talents are their soccer and fortnight knowledge and skills. What I’ve learnt from all of you is that everyone has their own unique opinions and personalities and that no one has a right to take that away from you.


Looking back now I’m finally starting to realise the lives we’re leaving behind! As this chapter ends another begins, another journey approaches! But it won’t be the same. With all the memories that we’ve created here it’ll be hard to move on. I will remember all the fun games we’ve played and the fantasy and freedom of Friday fun, the four school concerts we’ve participated in, the list could go on forever.

Over the years our teachers have changed. They come and go. In particular our specialist teachers. For the past 7 years we’ve had 4 Physical Education teachers. 2 Italian teachers. And 4 art and performing arts teachers. Each of them will their own skills and techniques that they have been able to share with us.


I would like to thank all the teachers for all of their hard work. I know that they have inspired me to always try my best and to work hard because it’ll help in the future. They’ve taught me that if you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give you best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and soon you’ll be able to defeat greater challenges.


We won’t be able to see the usual faces we see most of the time but in life you’ve got to be bold and brave to get things done and to be able to fight through tough times.  Like Martin Luther King Junior said “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” So Finally I would like to thank everyone in this room for making this a memorable 7 years. So as we’re saying our farewells let us not forget what we’ve achieved and created here. So give it up for Moonee Ponds Primary School’s class of 2018!


Thank you.


100wc #22

PROMPT: it reminded me of a time when

The day I found out that Jack was sick in hospital with heart problems and Nan was “losing her marbles” made my heart break. And that day very day was today, 5 minuets ago. It reminded me of a time when I couldn’t imagine my family without me. Well the truth was it was about to become a reality. Iv’e only seen my Nan twice in my life. And Iv’e only seen Jack once. What happens if Nan forgets me? How long will Jack stay in hospital for? Will the ever get better? 


100wc #21

PROMPT: Teacher   Alligator   Mauve   Climbed   Tricky

The voice of my TEACHER continued to ring in my head. Why was I thinking about school? Oh, right. It’s because my TEACHER is treating me like a six year old. She gives me “TRICKY” work. You know just because I might of had special needs when I was younger it doesn’t mean that you can give 10+10 equations to solve when I’m in year nine. But that night I did something I would never usually do. I wrote a mature, complicated story that caused me to think out side the box. It said:

The MAUVE sunrise woke me from my forever sleep. It was as if ALLIGATOR was chasing me because my heart was racing and thumping louder than it ever has before. I CLIMBED up to the top of the tree and there was my death waiting for me.



Never alone

By Eloise


I stood there. Lost. My life has gone down the drain. I have nothing. Flames flash through my mind. The smell of burnt ash continues to follow me where ever I go. The image of the body dropping dead in front of my eyes sticks to me like glue. At that very moment I was confused, scared and furious. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I didn’t know what to do.

The sound of sirens came down the corner. I ran. What else could I do?  The red and blue flashing lights weren’t that far behind me. As I ran down the side of the river I saw a glimpse of my reflection. In the reflection there was a monster, a monster in the mirror. I used to be loved. But now I have nothing. There’s no point to life. There will never be a place for me.


The crackling of the leaves scared me each time I moved. It came up to the point where I collapsed into the cold, hard ground. It wasn’t long until bugs acted as my blanket.


As the sun rose the next morning I finally began to realise what I’ve done and why I did it. I guess it was in the heat of the moment that I just cracked. It started off with my mother telling me how to live my life. You see I’m now twenty-three and I guess my mother just had to learn how to let go. She had me when she was seventeen and I think I took her life away from her. My grandmother would always tell me stories about how my mother was a party person and how she would always push Nan’s buttons. I know now that I definitely went too far when I struck that match and threw it into the carpet. I ran and left my mother behind. I’m confused about my life, and I have nowhere to go. My grandmother died a week ago due to a major stroke, I never got to meet my father or grandfather and now here I am. Alone.


The sound of a gunshot broke the (for what seemed like) forever silence. And then another, and another. There was a sequence of gunshots until I cried. “Wait! Can you just come into the light so I can see the face of my killer?” The figure took two slow steps, then came to a halt.

“I’m the killer am I? You’re the one who killed Maria, my ex-wife!”

“Your ex-wife? She’s my mother!” Suddenly the figure dropped the gun and stepped into the light. He had the same sparkle in his hazel brown eyes. “You left my mother when you found out that she was pregnant with me! And now you’ll pay.” I took a knife from my back pocket and stabbed it into his stomach. Blood dripped down his leg and he collapsed to the ground.


I ran. I ran to be free. I’ve done things that have changed my life forever. I can’t turn back now. I can only move forward.


100wc #20



We just arrived in Italy and we were walking to a cafe. The cafe was called Buckley’s chance. The fresh air melted my heart. The colour of the water was just beautiful. It was blue and nothing but blue. The seagulls sang their song along the sandy shore. And I was lost in my own  fantasy world. When all of a sudden the ground started to shake and I collapsed to the ground. A hands holding a rod rose from the ground. You could see the purple vans tensing as they rose even higher. Suddenly the hands turned to stone.