Literature Circles Book Reveiw

Book: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Group members: Me, Bridget, Declan, Ethan and Emma

Literacy Circles Book Review


The title of this book is: The Giver

The author of this book is: Lois Lowry

The genre of this book is: Fiction that is set in the future

Summary: This book is about a small community that has very strict laws and punishments. This book tells the story of a boy called Jonas. Jonas is given the role of the receiver of memory. Throughout this book he learns what life used to be like. How you could see colours and how you could do whatever you want whenever you want within reason. But when you are training to become the receiver of memory you have to follow certain rules. You will no longer be able to share your dreams or socialise as much as you used to. I guess with every opportunity comes a price.


Positives and negatives of this book: A negative in my opinion was that at times it became boring because of unnecessary details. A positive in my opinion was that it did have a meaningful side to it.


Audience recommendations: I would recommend this book to people who take what they have for granted.


Star rating: 1 out of 5




Difficulty: 7.5 out of 10


Review by Eloise

Book Review

Title: My life as an ALPHABET

Author: Barry Jonsberg 

This book is about a girl called Candice Phee and how she is assigned to write a report about her life from A-Z. (A paragraph on each letter.) But knowing Candice she writes more than two pages on each letter. During this journey you find out that Candice has a lot of problems in her life. It’s mainly about her family. For example: Her mum has depression, she has cancer and she lost a child. Her dad has apparently been robed, his brother stole his million dollar idea and he lost a child. As you can see there are a lot of complications in Candice’s life. she wants everyone to be happy and she’s not selfish at all.

BTN #6

Cape Town Crisis


Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Questions- Lilac

Insight- Aqua


This video was about the Cape Town, South Africa, crisis. Currently Cape Town is suffering from a continuous drought. They are all dreading the day when they’ll run out of water. Also known as day zero. Residents are doing the best they can to avoid the day when their taps will run dry. They even have to go to water donations.


  • Cape town has had water restrictions since February the 1st.
  • The town has been restricted to 50 liters a day. And that won’t get you that far. For example: Washing the dishes is around 18 L. A 90 second shower is 15 L. One toilet flush, 9 L. Washing your hands 3 L. Cooking, 2 L. Drinking water, 2 L. 1 dog bowl, 1 L. And that’s your 50 liters.
  • Cape Town the only city that has to suffer from taps running dry.


  • Will the water restrictions change when the drought is over?
  • If the restrictions change are there ways to prevent this from happening again?


  •  Now I understand the horrible affects of a drought and what the future can hold if you get stuck in one. How scary is that? Knowing that you can run out of water at any time. Have you ever been in a drought? Comment down below.

Herald Sun #2

People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air.


Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Questions- Lilac

Insight- Aqua


This article was about a volcano from Hawaii called Kilauea. Hawaiians run for their lives as lava spreads in residents streets, distorting houses and cars and also they are freeing from  toxic gases the lava left behind. Some residents were quickly able to grab pets and other belongings when the eruption died down and others had to think about what was happening to their home, belongings and pets.


1. The volcano eruption was powerful and was a magnitude of 6.9

2. The lava grew up to 70 meters high into the air

3. The volcano caused a cliff to fall into the ocean water but it didn’t cause a tsunami 

4. The volcano Kilauea has been active for 35 years. It’s continuously erupting

5. Kilauea is the most active volcano out of the five on the island and is on of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world


1. What was the biggest explosion of the Kilauea volcano out of the 35 years?

2. How many times has Kilauea erupted?


1. I now understand that volcanoes can be life threatening like all natural disasters and I’ve also learnt how scary it is from someone’s point of view in the actual situation.

Herald Sun#1

Extreme weather sees residents battling a cyclone in Darwin and bushfires in NSW and Victoria

Summary- Pink

Facts- Aqua

Questions- Blue


This article was about how Darwin was battling a cyclone and Victoria and NSW were fighting against bushfires. At school for Integrated Studies we are learning about natural disasters such as volcanoes, cyclones, tornadoes, droughts, bushfires, earthquakes, ect. This is  a great example of how devastating and life threatening these situations can be. 

The tropical cyclone that hit Darwin caused a huge clean up. Residents had to clean up broken trees, buildings,ect. I guess that you need to stay strong no matter what happens in your life and push it behind you. Stand strong and let the past be the past because you create the future. 

Bushfires are just about the same level of devastating news. Bushfires cause lives being lost. Bushfires can start off from being a small flame and expand into a life threatening fire. Have you heard of the NSW bushfire survivor Turia Pitt. She was running a marathon and got caught in a bushfire she survived but in order to keep breathing there had to be some changes. 




Book Reveiw

Tittle: Wonder

Author: R.J. Palacio 

Wonder is about a boy called August who wants to be ordinary. Since he was born he has had some problems with his face. He doesn’t realize how special and extraordinary he is. So basically what wonder is about is August telling his life story. He talks about how he starts school in year 5, and how people treat him because his different. What I’ve learnt from this book is you need to accept eachother’s differences.


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BTN #3





You’ve probably got a friend who’s addicted to their phones and social media. But while your posting photos and collecting likes there a people on Facebook collecting a huge amount of your data. This just shows how dangerous the internet can be. And why you need to be super careful. Christopher Wylie says a big US research firm he used to work for called Cambridge Analytica collected data inappropriately and used it to influence the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election. 


Christopher Wylie says in 2014, Cambridge Analytica took information from people who participated in one of those quizzes (and all their friends) and used it to targets ads that were pro-Donald Trump and they might have helped him win the 2016 US election, and become president.


Why do people do things like this?

What are they going to get out of it?

What’s the point?

Book Review

Tittle: Twilight

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Twilight is about a girl called Bella that moves to Forks to live with her father since her mother got remarried and her new husband’s a baseball player. So while she’s in Forks she meets this boy called Edward who turns out to be a vampire. She also has this Friend called Jacob who likes her. Edward and his family takes Bella to play baseball with them but in the middle of the game they come across three vampires, James, Victoria and Laurent , that thirst for human’s blood. When they smell Bella they hunt her down and try to kill her but the Cullens wont allow that to happen.

” About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, Edward was a vampire.

Second, there was a part of him- and I didn’t know how dominate that part might be- that thirsted for my blood.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”




Rating: 5/5


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