Maths- Data lesson

 I made this graph.


From this data:

The graph I chose was a line graph because to me it represented the data the best and it was clear information.

You can tell from this graph that 2000 had the hottest global temperature.

Bars, Lines & Pie graphs



100wc- Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars. 100 word challenge


I can see a golden planet floating around our solar system. I have been informed that I have to find out if Mars is okay to live on. After travelling through space for what seems like forever I’m super excited that I’m finally allowed to get out of that rocket! Okay this is it! I’ve opened the door and took 3 steps on the planet. “Mission control can you hear me?” I asked in excitement.

“We can hear you loud and clear.” They replied.

“This planet is amazing!”

“Do you think its good enough to live on?”

“I’m not sure.”   I said