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BTN- Weedy Seadragon

Just 15k from Sydney is dragon territory .These creatures are native to Australia. They can be found mostly on the south-east coasts. They are related to sea horses and mostly just drift about in the water. the only problem is these creatures are becoming harder and harder to spot not because they are really good at camouflaging. to help this problem instead of tagging each one they find they are asking scientists to take photos of each one they find so the people who organize this name each one and they can tell which one is which.



This video clip was about what happened at Manchester a couple of days ago and just a reminder to anyone who might felt worried or frighted by this please talk to someone such as a trusted adult or you can go on the BTN website to look at some resources and tips they put together.



  1. They are working with other international agencies as they gather information about what happened at Ariana Grade’s concert.
  2. Australia’s prime minister is supporting in this situation.

BTN- your choice

This video clip was about how North Korea threatens to strike Australia Australia with a nuclear bomb. It also mentioned why Aussie kids shouldn’t worry about it. Here’s why!


  1. North Korea doesn’t have the ability to strike a nuclear weapon as far.
  2. North Korea has a long history of threatening other countries but not always following through
  3. Australia has powerful friends to protect it.


How long has their leader been in charge for?



BTN- Should we be scared of DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video clip was about debt, what it is and how it can affect you. For example debt is when you borrow money off the bank to buy something earlier with money you don’t have but later on you have to give them money back.



  1. Debt isn’t just affecting Australia but also a lot of other countries in the world.
  2. Australia’s treasurer is trying his hardest to help.



  1. How long has this been going on for???????????????????

BTN- Cyclone Debbie- week#4

This video clip was about how cyclone Debbie hit Queensland, Australia. it tore down houses and destroyed gardens. Fortunately when disastrous Debbie passed by residents, the SES, emergency services and even the Australian army.


  1. It occurred on Tuesday, 2017

It was located in Queensland, Australia



  1. Has cyclone Debbie Debbie been to Australia in the past.



BTN- Why do we sleep?


This video clip was about why humans and animals sleep. There is still no exact answer yet on why we sleep but you might already know that humans need sleep to survive like you need food and water to survive. But one thing scientists do know is that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.


  1. When we’re asleep we’re almost completely unaware of our surroundings. It’s not a problem now but a long,long time ago  you could be attacked by wild animals. Even now sleeping animals can be attacked by predators.
  2. Dolphins and some other animals sleep with only one half of their brain at a time. That’s why they can come up for breaths and can swim while they’re asleep using half of their brain.


  1.  Do dolphins have all the parts of a human brain?

100wc- Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars. 100 word challenge


I can see a golden planet floating around our solar system. I have been informed that I have to find out if Mars is okay to live on. After travelling through space for what seems like forever I’m super excited that I’m finally allowed to get out of that rocket! Okay this is it! I’ve opened the door and took 3 steps on the planet. “Mission control can you hear me?” I asked in excitement.

“We can hear you loud and clear.” They replied.

“This planet is amazing!”

“Do you think its good enough to live on?”

“I’m not sure.”   I said