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100wc #2 2018

PROMPT: we were moving very fast when

It was just a normal day in LA, my mum and I were driving to school. as soon as we crossed an intersection the dashboard speedometer rose up. and very quickly the cars surrounding us looked like they were parked. then i started to hear faint sirens but I couldn’t see anything around us. I came to the point when I was struggling to breathe. ” MUM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!”


” THEN WHY ARE WE DRIVING THIS FAST!” Silence spread between us. we were moving very fast when__________SMASH!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………………………………….


100wc #1 2018

PROMPT: it climbed down the drainpipe

The time was exactly 12:02 at night. The old grandfather clock, Big Ben was chiming. The moon was shining and the stars were twinkling. I couldn’t go to sleep. The tap in my apartment kept dripping and there was nothing I could do about it. You see I’m poor and we are right in the middle of World War 1.  I’m an only child. In fact I’m the only person in my family. My mother died because she was hit by a bomb and I never met my father because he died before I was born. So I decided I will try and fix it by myself. But out from the drainpipe came the creepiest creature you will ever see……………………

William Smith  

at the age of 12


QUICK RUN! The tiger was blocking our escape. You see we were playing a bored game based on the movie Indiana Jones and as soon as I went to sleep I ended up here with my brother. Why god are you being so harsh to me!! You see I HATE my brother AND NOW I’M STUCK IN A STUPID TEMPLE WITH HIM AND A STUPID TIGER IS BLOCKING MY WAY OF GETTING HOME AND LOCKING MYSELF IN MY ROOM TO SCREAM MY HEAD OFF!!!!!! Why????

Transition Session #1- 100wc

” Kaitlin! Come here! Quickly!”

” Tim, I know all your tricks. If you want to scare good luck.”

” No, there’s something up here!”

” What!”

” There’s something in here!”

” Let me see.”

” What is it?”

” Some old boring photos. Let’s go.”

” But where would we hide it all?”

” It’s nothing important.”



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“Hey Theo, are you sure this is the way to the ice-cream place?”

“Yeah! What do you think that sign says? it clearly says:


“No! It says:


“Yeah! Sorry that we won’t have ice-cream in our mouths. Dude just relax!”

We walked inside the building and as the door slammed, I knew we were doomed!

“Theo! Now look what you did! Of course you get us trapped in ghost town! Why do you never listen to me?”


Recently locals have found a body in the Monagoo pond with only his chins and gumboots sticking out. Police are investigating the scene now. they have one main suspect. He has brown curly hair, pale skin and green eyes and apparently goes by the name Alvin Michena. If anyone notices anything else the are urged to contact police (crime stoppers) immediately on 1300 189 140. The murderer will be charged a $2,000,000 fine and will spend 10 years in prison.


(This is not a real news story and the crime stoppers number isn’t real. Sorry for any confusion)



I can’t believe my dad always drags me to his stupid golf practices, whatever they’re called. At least there’s a cafe so I can hang out there, text my friends and post selfies on Instagram. One day I was on my way to the cafe and I came across 2 large footsteps on the golf course. I wondered what it could be. Panic brushed over my face. I reminded myself that this was a golf course and someone must of made a dint in the ground with golf clubs and forgot to cover it with sand. I saw a shadow behind me.



We were at a sleepover last week and we were telling horror stories. The room was lit by a single candle. we were in the middle of a story that involved a ghost. Then suddenly it went dark. Lighting struck outside the house. We could faintly see a shadow approaching us. Suddenly Charlotte was gone. Then Lilly then Megan then it was only Sofia, Chloe and I left. Who would go next I wondered. then all of my friends came out laughing. They played a joke on me!


We’re scared, frightened and nearly completely out of breath. Suddenly a strange thing reaches our sight. It was coming closer and closer by the second. As it came rushing towards us we made a run for it. We ran as fast as we could. As we ran for longer the more tired we got. We both fell down to the ground. We could see our lives flash before our eyes. It was about 10 mins we’ve been knocked out for. We opened our eyes we couldn’t see the strange thing. We walked home together and the thing was out of our sight.

100 word challenge


Something you might have on your bed or around your house to decorate stuff. Usually they are very comfortable.



It can be a name, it can be a colour. No one can tell you off for calling it a colour or a name.



If you have siblings you know the pain of sharing things you don’t want to share. It can be so frustrating!



One day you might help someone water plants such as parents, friends and family members



A beautiful, sweet sounding, enjoyable instrument to play. You can spot it in sweet sounding orchestras!


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