Public Transport Challenge Reflection


PT challenge Reflection


On Friday the 23rd of November all the 5/6’s participated in a challenge. It’s called the Public Transport Challenge otherwise known as race around Melbourne.


The aim of this task is to take public transport to certain destinations and answer questions or take photos. We were given time to plan out our trip but as we all know life changes and things don’t always go as planned. So along the way we were able to make adjustments.  Our group were really collaborative and optimistic about the challenge and towards each other.

Our parent helpers were amazing so thank you for an amazing day. We finished off the day with each group presenting an original song. Our’s went like this:

We went on a train, Chuga, chuga chuga chuga choooo chooooooo

We went on a bus, vrrrrrrrum vrum vrum

We went on a tram, ding ding ding

We used our myki cards and saw a kookaburra

Our parent helpers were the best

Because we tried not to be pests

And we had fun

Now for credits, Sofia, Cleo, Flynn, Daniella, Saphra, Aleyna and Eloise.



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