BTN #8

Mars Mission


Summary: Pink

Recalls: Blue

Questions: Lilac

Insight:  Aqua


This video was about how in 2012 NASA successfully landed a robot on Mars’ surface. It said that Curiosity is a robot that  with help us find samples that could help figure out if man kind could possibly live there in around about 35 to 40 years but that’s just a prediction, nothing is set in stone or written in blood.

  • It was an eight month journey from Earth to Mars. Its shield had to survive 1600 degrees as it slammed into Mars’ atmosphere. Then there was seven minuets to slow it down from 20 thousand kilometers to 0. They call it the seven minuets of terror.
  • If one thing went wrong 2.5 billion dollars and years of work could’ve been wasted.


  • Curiosity isn’t the first robot to land on Mars’ surface, but it is the biggest. It’s job is to roam around analysing rocks using a drill and even a laser. The aim is to learn more about what the red planet is made of. It’s also looking for signs of life.   


  • Mars is most like earth because it has an atmosphere and although it’s covered in dessert there are signs that there was once life there.


  • Are there other planets that have an atmosphere and are signs of water?
  • Are they still studying Mars now?


  • What I’ve learnt from this video is that not everything is as it seems. For example: A long time ago we didn’t even know that Mars’ could be a planet with human life on it.

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