BTN #7

Ancient study of astronomy



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This video talked about the ancient study of astronomy. It mention three main components of our  understanding today on the study of space. The three cultures were Babylon, Mayan and ancient Greek.  Even though there have been many discoveries over the years these are the base ones.

  • The Babylons invented one of the first calendars. It was a mathematical model that could record giant astronomical events and now you may recall them as things to record time.


  • The Mayans were interested in horoscopes as well as the Babylons.The Mayans had documents on their space study but unfortunately they were burnt by the Spanish conquistadors.


  • A Greek astronomer in Rome called Tallemy, discovered the Ptolemaic system. That was his most famous discovery. It stated that Earth was in the center of the universe. Later on this statement was proven to be incorrect. Also Hipparticus ( who was considered to be the world’s most famous astronomer) recorded many stars and invented the procession of the equinoxes. Which is the term for the earth wobbling around its axis.


  • What caused the Spanish conquistadors to burn the Mayans’ studies?
  • What made Tallemy think that the earth was in the center of the universe?


  • I learnt that we take a lot of things for granted , such as calendars but if these three cultures didn’t discover these things we probably wouldn’t even know what day it is.

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