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All kids should play sport

Written and published by Eloise

Have you ever felt like your child isn’t getting enough exercise because they don’t play sport? Well I strongly believe that all kids should play sport. I think all kids should play sport because it’s a great way to stay fit, it gives children a break from technology and it’s a fantastic way to learn about the human body. So do you want your child to stay fit and healthy or do you want your child to become a phone zombie?


For a start, playing sport is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy. A recent article shows that a lot more children are suffering from diabetes. In fact around 3/10. It’s one thing to eat healthy but another to stay fit through exercise. It’s not just food that causes kids to suffer, it’s the lack of exercise they do. Currently statistics say that a high amount of children are obese. Now how do you think we can prevent that? Also playing sport is a great way to burn calories. When kids play sport they may start to understand the importance of healthy eating. So do you really want your child to end up in a hospital room or being dragged to a new doctor each week? Just think how annoyed, depressed and miserable they’ll be.


Secondly, do you want your child to become a phone zombie? New research shows that approximately 82.1% of kids between the ages of 9 and 15 are on their phones 24-7. They’re on their phones whilst crossing the road. I can’t even think about what can or has happened to them! When you play sport you’re occupied by the thrill of the game or performance rather than texting all day. Just think, do children really need screens and technology?


Another reason is you’re able to learn about the human body. By having an injury you learn about the muscle, bone, etc. you injured. Around 12% of people get their injuries from sport. Most kids get back up and continue on with whatever they were doing. Go us! For example I tore my liegemen from running a 3KM cross country. I was out of any form of sport for nearly 4 months but when I was able to get back in I was beaming with joy. Another way to learn about the human body through sport is learning with body part requires you to do what. For example, to run you use your legs.


And finally, I understand if you don’t think children should play sport because of those who suffer from a mental or physical disability. But guess what, we are currently finding new ways for those who suffer from disabilities so we can all the fun in sport. For example a five year old boy called Nate Jobson says he feels at home whilst participating in a game of wheelchair basketball.


Now I’m sure it has become clear that all kids should play sport. If I were you I would put your child’s health before technology. Are you really prepared to risk your child’s life? Do you want them to end up struggling in the future because of bullies? Or are you willing to take a stand? Just by making sure your child has had exercise throughout the week you can make a huge difference. Do it for your kid’s benefit!












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