100wc #13

PROMPT: Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge

We walked through the forest and then we came across a  HUGE BRIDGEThe BRIDGE was a cream color with a  SPRINKLED gold rail. Instead of continuing over the BRIDGE he threw me over his back and jumped down the hill. He lead me to the prettiest meadow I’ve ever seen in my life. It had bright, yellow DAFFODILs. I looked around the meadow amazed then I noticed this one flower in the middle of the meadow. It stood out because it was PINK and smaller than the rest of the flowers surrounding it. 

Persuasive Writing

All kids should play sport

Written and published by Eloise

Have you ever felt like your child isn’t getting enough exercise because they don’t play sport? Well I strongly believe that all kids should play sport. I think all kids should play sport because it’s a great way to stay fit, it gives children a break from technology and it’s a fantastic way to learn about the human body. So do you want your child to stay fit and healthy or do you want your child to become a phone zombie?


For a start, playing sport is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy. A recent article shows that a lot more children are suffering from diabetes. In fact around 3/10. It’s one thing to eat healthy but another to stay fit through exercise. It’s not just food that causes kids to suffer, it’s the lack of exercise they do. Currently statistics say that a high amount of children are obese. Now how do you think we can prevent that? Also playing sport is a great way to burn calories. When kids play sport they may start to understand the importance of healthy eating. So do you really want your child to end up in a hospital room or being dragged to a new doctor each week? Just think how annoyed, depressed and miserable they’ll be.


Secondly, do you want your child to become a phone zombie? New research shows that approximately 82.1% of kids between the ages of 9 and 15 are on their phones 24-7. They’re on their phones whilst crossing the road. I can’t even think about what can or has happened to them! When you play sport you’re occupied by the thrill of the game or performance rather than texting all day. Just think, do children really need screens and technology?


Another reason is you’re able to learn about the human body. By having an injury you learn about the muscle, bone, etc. you injured. Around 12% of people get their injuries from sport. Most kids get back up and continue on with whatever they were doing. Go us! For example I tore my liegemen from running a 3KM cross country. I was out of any form of sport for nearly 4 months but when I was able to get back in I was beaming with joy. Another way to learn about the human body through sport is learning with body part requires you to do what. For example, to run you use your legs.


And finally, I understand if you don’t think children should play sport because of those who suffer from a mental or physical disability. But guess what, we are currently finding new ways for those who suffer from disabilities so we can all the fun in sport. For example a five year old boy called Nate Jobson says he feels at home whilst participating in a game of wheelchair basketball.


Now I’m sure it has become clear that all kids should play sport. If I were you I would put your child’s health before technology. Are you really prepared to risk your child’s life? Do you want them to end up struggling in the future because of bullies? Or are you willing to take a stand? Just by making sure your child has had exercise throughout the week you can make a huge difference. Do it for your kid’s benefit!













The Second Life

Mary Alice Brandon

(Alice Cullen)





Written and Published By Eloise and Sofia


I woke up on the cold stone floor. Where was I? Why was I here? I look around me and all I can see are stone walls. Grey, cold, dark stone. The floor was the same. Everything was dark. Why couldn’t I remember anything? Why didn’t I know where I was? I touched the floor, it was ice cold. Normal people would be freezing, but I wasn’t even the slightest bit cold.


All of a sudden I saw something, like a vision. It was of a boy, he had blonde hair and his name was Jasper Whitlock. The vision was of him being my soulmate and it had us both being happy with this family. There was a girl who was tall and very beautiful. She had golden hair that was gently wavy. Then next to her there was a boy, he was very big and muscular and very serious looking. Then there was that Jasper Whitlock boy who had honey blonde hair. He was still muscular and tall but leaner looking. Next to him was me, I was short and pixie like. I had hair for starters which is something I didn’t have at the moment.  My hair was deep black and cropped short. Next to me there was another boy he was less bulky and had untidy bronze coloured hair. Next to him was a girl with long, straight dark brown hair and a pale completion. All of them were vampires, including me.


I woke up startled. What was wrong with me? I was sure of one thing and one thing only… I was a vampire. I stood up still weary from the vision. I walked to the door but the only problem was I was in there in less than a millisecond. How is that possible? Wait, what can vampires do besides suck the life out of people? Suddenly I had another vision. A vision of me speeding past trees, then I came to a stop. There was a huge rock in front of me, I lifted it up with on hand as if it weighed nothing. Then there was a man and a woman next to me. The man had blonde hair and the woman had reddish hair. The man seemed to be the adoptive father of all us and the women seemed to be the adoptive mother. The man was telling us that we are vegetarians. As in we only drink animal blood and we live in peace with humans. I stood there again startled. So let me get this straight. Vampires drink blood, they have super speed, they also have super strength, my future family and I don’t feed on humans and I seem to be the only vampire in my family that sees glimpses of possibilities of the future. But I didn’t seem to be the only member in future family that has an additional power. The boy that has bronze hair read minds and that Jasper Whitlock boy had the ability to feel and manipulate people’s emotions.


I felt a huge gush of relief wash over me. I was accepted in a nice, loving, caring, nurturing family for who I was and I didn’t have to change for anyone else’s pleasure. I could be who I wanted to be without judgement. Suddenly I was thirsty but I decided since my future family and I are vegetarians I decided that I would start now. I ran to the nearest forest and looked for something to suck my teeth into. I saw a deer and pounced on top of it. The blood was so tempting I wanted more but I controlled myself.


A few days later I started to feel really lonely when I had another vision. It was of me at a diner in Philadelphia and Jasper was there to. Once the vision had ended I made the decision to go to Philadelphia to meet Jasper.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I arrived at the dinner. I ordered coffee not intending to drink it just made me feel human. I closed my eyes and heard the door creek open. I opened my eyes and watched the boy of my visions walk past me and sat in a booth. I followed him and sat on the seat opposite him. He looked up at me, he had such beautiful eyes.

“You kept me waiting long enough.” I said

“Sorry maim, I had ought some place to be.” He replied putting his hand out. I shook his hand and he looked at me in confusion. “You’re like me, you’re not—-”

“From around here?” I cut him off.


“That to.”

“Sorry, do I, do I know you from somewhere?”

“No, but I think I know you.” I replied. “Hey, we have the best seats in the house for the fireworks.” A large flash exploded from outside leaving a deafening noise behind.

“Some fireworks. Is that you?”

“No, but if you think I’m that powerful then I’ll say we’re off to a good start. I’m Alice, by the way.”

“Jasper.” He replied keeping a straight, serious face.

“I know.”

“You’re playing games with me.”

“Am I?”

“The lightning, my name.”

“Sorry, I’m just nervous, you make me nervous.”

“I don’t intend to.”

“Ask me something.”

“What brings you to Philadelphia?”

“I’m here to see you.”

“Well I know that what I meant was—”

“I know what you meant and I meant that to.” I again cut him off. “My turn. What brings you to Philadelphia?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m lost.”

“Can I bring you two any food?” we both turned our heads to see the waitress.

“No thank you.” I replied. As soon as the waitress left we turned our heads back towards each other.

“There’s food everywhere.” Jasper said.

“I guess so but there’s not really that much for me. I don’t feed on the blood of humans, we feed in the animals instead.” He looked at me in shock.

“We?”  He asked.

“My family and I, well my future family.”


“Well I don’t see the future I just see glimpses of possibilities.”

“Is that what I am, a possibility?”

“No. I already decided on you.”

“So what happens next Alice?” I suddenly had another vision of a woman cutting herself and she starts to bleed and Jasper can’t help himself and he tries to kill her.

“Well for one we both feed on the blood of animals in the future. You however have a bit of trouble with that, but don’t worry I help you. Our future family, the Cullen’s, they think of all of us as vegetarians.” I leant towards him and quickly pressed my lips against his before the bleeding happened. “How do you feel?”

“I feel something I haven’t felt in a long time.”




“Jasper?” I asked, we were outside now.  “Are you gifted? Like can you do things that other vampires can’t?”

“Yes, I can actually. I can feel people’s emotions. When I walked in I could tell that you were excited about something.” Jasper said.

“What were you doing before this, before you came?” I asked.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t like you, a vegetarian vampire that is. I worked for this girl Maria. She was also a vampire. But she wasn’t good, at all. She created an army of vampires, all were newborns.” He replied.

“What are newborns?” I asked. I was very curious.

“Well newborns are new vampires. The first months of your new vampire life. Anyway, she was creating an army. After we trained the vampires, the ones that were no use, it was my job to dispose of them. I felt everything they could feel, it was very hard. After I realised it was wrong I came here, then I met you. What are you doing here?” He asked, now it was his turn to ask all the questions.

“I am here to see you. Like you can feel people’s emotions I can see the future. Well, little possibilities if it. I had one of you and when you decided to come here I came here straight away. I have been waiting for you for a long time Jasper Whitlock.” I said.

“Really, how long?” He asked.

“Too long.” I said and I slowly leaned in and pressed my lips against his.


“Where to next?” He asked

“I could use a walk.” I replied. With that we both speed into the nearest forest, jumped off the edge of a cliff and only with a couple of splashes. The perfect dive and soon to be the perfect life. We made our way to Brazil and with that our journey began.


Throughout these trips I had more visions, of my future family, the Cullen’s. Sometimes the Cullen’s decided to go somewhere else and we would have to change our course completely. Along the way I also helped Jasper learn how to not survive on the blood of humans. He got carried away, a lot! Which was why I was very excited when I would finally meet the Cullen’s. I had had a vision of one of them helping Jasper and soon enough, he learnt to control it. I was so excited when we were so close, one day and I would meet them. Jasper was pretty under control by now the last time he fed on a human was a month ago. We were so close, I was so excited. And then the day finally came!



“Hello, how can I help you?” said a soothing voice. I looked up to see a man that looked very familiar. Then it hit me he was my future adoptive farther. He was very handsome, he looked like someone out of a Hollywood movie!

“Hello, I’m Alice.” I said cheerfully.

“Hello Alice, My name is Carlisle.”

“I know. I’m like you.”

“Wait, how do you know what I am and how do you know my name?”

“I am gifted. I can see glimpses of the future, possibilities. My visions change when people decide different things. I have been trying to track you for a very long time. Since I was a newborn actually. When I first woke up I had no idea where I was and then I had a vision of this family. Later I had a vision of Jasper. I decided I would find Jasper first then search for you.” Once I finished talking he invited us in to meet his family.

“Very interesting. Is Jasper also gifted?” Carlisle asked.

“I am actually.” Japer cut in. “I have the ability to feel people’s emotions.” Jasper continued.

“We also have 1 of our own who is gifted, his name is–” I cut in.

“Edward! I had a vision of him, but there was another one who was gifted. Her name was Bella, is she here? I would love to meet her.” I asked.

“We actually don’t have a Bella in this family. You have seen further into the future. What did you see exactly?” Carlisle asked.

“I saw Bella and Edward, together. Like me and Jasper. Bella was gifted like I said.”

“Interesting. Come inside.” He gestured with his hand.


“This is my wife, Esme.” he pointed to the woman I saw on one of my visions. She was the one with reddish hair.

“Nice to meet you.” She said politely.

“You to.” I replied.

“And this is Emmet, my adoptive son.” He pointed to the tall, muscular looking guy that I’ve seen before. “He was in a bear attack.” He told me.

Standing next to him was this beautiful girl. With honey blonde hair, a bit like Jasper’s. “And this is Rosalie, My adoptive daughter.”

“And my wife.” Emmet stepped in.

“And this is Edward, my other adoptive son.” We all turned our heads to the boy that was leaning against the wall.

“Well, my name’s Alice and when I was a newborn I had a vision of all of you being my future family because. I also have a gift, I can see glimpses of the future. They aren’t always certain, the future could always change based on what people decide.”

“I’m Jasper. And I also have a gift. I’m able to feel and manipulate people’s emotions.” Jasper cut in.

“He is also my boyfriend.” I said.

“Well I hope you feel that you are a part of this family because you are.”

The rest of the night was amazing they gave us both a room and we all went hunting as a welcome celebration. Could this be where I truly belong?


Later on I went to see Carlisle. “Carlisle?” I asked. “I was wondering if I could tell you something. I thought you should know that I am already a vegetarian, I feed on the blood of animals. Jasper however, I have been trying to help him but I think he needs you. He gets lost sometimes and it’s very difficult for me to try bring him back into his headspace. Would you mind?” I asked.

“No worries. It really is no problem. I would be more than happy to.” He said with a gentle smile.


About 2 years later I had another vision of Bella. She and Edward were together but I realised now she was human. Edward was going to be with a human. Then I had another one. Of her as a vampire. Someone would change her, but who would it be? Carlisle? No, I had a feeling it was going to be Edward, but in my visions he had trouble with restraint towards Bella. Then I blinked and the vision was over. I looked around and Edward was there. He read my thoughts and ran away. Oh, oh.



Years later, we moved back to Forks from Alaska. I had another vision of Bella. She had found out about us. Edward was standing at her side. Smiling. He was finally happy that he met his soulmate. But he was also in pain. Resisting her scent would be a challenge. But we clearly worked things out because she was with us 24-7. Another thing I realised, in class the date was this year’s date. Everything was going to start happening this year! I told Carlisle and Esme. They were happy for him even though it hadn’t happened yet. We didn’t want Edward to find out so we had to forget about so he wouldn’t read our minds because who knows what he will do. He hated the idea last time, he didn’t come back for a whole 2 weeks. If it happens again, he will probably end up missing for a month at least! He will find out sooner or later. I was so happy though.




I’m where I meant to be.










If you know the story of Twilight than you can relate to this. This is the story of Mary Alice Brandon and her journey to find her new vampire family the Cullens. Alice isn’t an ordinary vampire, she has a gift. Her gift is she is able to see glimpses of possibilities of the future. On her way to find her future family she meets a boy called Jasper Whitlock.


Read on to find out more.


This book is inspired by Twilight and based on the short film We’ve Met Before.