PROMPT: When did it arrive?

I’ve been waiting for this day to come. It was the day I will know if I made it. I heard a faint noise coming from downstairs. Curious I made my way down the stairs to see what was going on. Then I heard my mother talking to someone. This time I ran towards her. “What’s going on?” I asked my mother. She held up a parcel. “Is that?”

“Yes it is.” It was the parcel I’ve been waiting for. in the parcel it had the message from my best friend from overseas.

When did it arrive?” 

“Just today.” my mother replied.


2 thoughts on “100wc#10

  1. Hi Eloise,
    I really like this post as you have not based it on twilight and it is nice too see something different. Really good job! I wonder what the parcel is.

  2. Hey Eloise,
    Well done it is really impressive. I like the way you have left the readers with a question. This was such a good short story. I wonder what was in the parcel?
    Very well done!

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