Webinar Reflection- My house, My rules

Today our 5/6 cohort participated in a national webinar. The webinar talked about privacy, how to identify scams and what to do when you’re in one of these situations.

Definition of privacy- Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world.

Recently a lot of people have been using the term “FAM”. If you know what “FAM” means please comment down below.

Did you know- 12% of young people (people within their teenage years or preteen years) have experienced fraud,

Definition of fraud- Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Did you know- In 2017 $90,928,622 was lost in scams, 161,528 situations had been reported and there were 8.7% of victims.

Some ways to notice a scam are on it’s topics/subjects. Some Know scam topics/subjects are:

  1.  ‘FREE’ club memberships
  2. Requests/Messages from celebraties
  3. Online shopping (dodgy websites)

What I learnt from that webinar was that even your friends who you thought you were close to can turn their backs on you and can betray you even when you trusted them with all your information. So even with your friends you need to be careful about what you share with people.

100wc #12

PROMPT: but I didn’t understand the instructions

We were in biology class and we were given new lab partners. I was put with the smartest kid inn school. You see I’m not the smartest student. I always make sure I copy off the right person and with my new lab partner should be a breeze. So when the bell rang Mr. Molone walked into the classroom to begin the class. Our task was to tell the difference between the blood types. Then I saw my partner start to freak out. Then she spoke.

“I don’t know anything about blood.”

Great, just great.

100wc #11

Prompt: Can you invent a magical animal that could live in one of these magical places and tell us all about them?

The bearlion is one of the oldest animals that have ever walked on this planet. It is supposedly a mix of a grizzly bear and a mountain lion. It has the strength of a grizzly bear but has the hunger and speed of a mountain lion. It has the structure of a mountain lion but the dark brown fur coat of a grizzly bear. People say if you look deeply into their eyes you see their soul trapped in their feared body. Many have tried to track down this beast but fail. It was only recently that we discovered it’s dead body. It looked like something had bitten bit. It looked like all the flesh had been sucked out of it. And that’s all for this weeks news.

Herald Sun #2

People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air.

Link- http://www.heraldsun.com.au/kids-news/people-flee-as-hawaiis-erupting-volcano-destroys-homes/news-story/e1fdc54c016899d68ccca8fb1afad855

Summary- Pink

Recalls- Blue

Questions- Lilac

Insight- Aqua


This article was about a volcano from Hawaii called Kilauea. Hawaiians run for their lives as lava spreads in residents streets, distorting houses and cars and also they are freeing from  toxic gases the lava left behind. Some residents were quickly able to grab pets and other belongings when the eruption died down and others had to think about what was happening to their home, belongings and pets.


1. The volcano eruption was powerful and was a magnitude of 6.9

2. The lava grew up to 70 meters high into the air

3. The volcano caused a cliff to fall into the ocean water but it didn’t cause a tsunami 

4. The volcano Kilauea has been active for 35 years. It’s continuously erupting

5. Kilauea is the most active volcano out of the five on the island and is on of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world


1. What was the biggest explosion of the Kilauea volcano out of the 35 years?

2. How many times has Kilauea erupted?


1. I now understand that volcanoes can be life threatening like all natural disasters and I’ve also learnt how scary it is from someone’s point of view in the actual situation.

Herald Sun#1

Extreme weather sees residents battling a cyclone in Darwin and bushfires in NSW and Victoria

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Questions- Blue


This article was about how Darwin was battling a cyclone and Victoria and NSW were fighting against bushfires. At school for Integrated Studies we are learning about natural disasters such as volcanoes, cyclones, tornadoes, droughts, bushfires, earthquakes, ect. This is  a great example of how devastating and life threatening these situations can be. 

The tropical cyclone that hit Darwin caused a huge clean up. Residents had to clean up broken trees, buildings,ect. I guess that you need to stay strong no matter what happens in your life and push it behind you. Stand strong and let the past be the past because you create the future. 

Bushfires are just about the same level of devastating news. Bushfires cause lives being lost. Bushfires can start off from being a small flame and expand into a life threatening fire. Have you heard of the NSW bushfire survivor Turia Pitt. She was running a marathon and got caught in a bushfire she survived but in order to keep breathing there had to be some changes. 






PROMPT: When did it arrive?

I’ve been waiting for this day to come. It was the day I will know if I made it. I heard a faint noise coming from downstairs. Curious I made my way down the stairs to see what was going on. Then I heard my mother talking to someone. This time I ran towards her. “What’s going on?” I asked my mother. She held up a parcel. “Is that?”

“Yes it is.” It was the parcel I’ve been waiting for. in the parcel it had the message from my best friend from overseas.

When did it arrive?” 

“Just today.” my mother replied.



Summary- pink

Fcats- Aqua

questions- Blue


The ring of fire is where the most natural disasters occur. Three Quarters of the world’s volcanoes are included in the ring and so are 90% of the world’s earthquakes. From what I saw in this video I have come to a realization how life changing these natural disasters are in a bad way.