100wc #8


I was running but I didn’t know why or where I was going. It’s the fastest I’ve ever run. I felt free, like a whole new life has began. It was like I was reborn and now I’m living a second life. In the middle of my run I saw a weird statue. When I stopped I saw two people taking photos of the statue. All of a sudden I was thirsty but I don’t think I was thirsty for water. I also felt a lot stronger. Suddenly I felt really queasy and I saw something. I saw myself with a nice, loving, caring family. What’s wrong with me?

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  1. sofiama2016 says:

    Hi Eloise,
    I am guessing another twilight based story? When you say ‘you saw yourself with a new family’ i am wondering ‘ALICE’! Was this like a story from Alice’s point of veiw? I really like how you have created this picture of Alice in your story, this may have happened and this may have not. I also like the words you used to describe it! You also took my idea, oh well, I will figure something else out. Good Job!

  2. Eloise's exciting blog says:

    Hey Sofia,
    You can still use the idea you can even continue on the story if you like

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