100wc #1 2018

PROMPT: it climbed down the drainpipe

The time was exactly 12:02 at night. The old grandfather clock, Big Ben was chiming. The moon was shining and the stars were twinkling. I couldn’t go to sleep. The tap in my apartment kept dripping and there was nothing I could do about it. You see I’m poor and we are right in the middle of World War 1. I’m an only child. In fact I’m the only person in my family. My mother died because she was hit by a bomb and I never met my father because he died before I was born. So I decided I will try and fix it by myself. But out from the drainpipe came the creepiest creature you will ever see……………………

William Smith

at the age of 12

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  1. ava2016 says:

    hi eloise.
    i see you copyed my blog> even the name!!!!!!
    CHANGE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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