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SRC Application

Dear fellow classmates,

As you all should know my name is Eloise. I have been at this school for 6 years and this is my 7th and I feel like I’m ready to take on the SRC role again at Moonee Ponds Primary School. So far I have been on the Student Representative Council twice, as such I feel that I have a good idea of what student’s views are and how to best represent them.  I have a younger sister who’s in year 3 her name is Isabella.

I would like to take on the role of SRC so that I could act as a representative for my fellow students. I consider myself as a very organized student and I manage to do my homework every week and read daily as well as participating in several activities outside of school. I love dancing and take 11 different classes including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and compete against other Dance schools as part of the troupe as well as Ballet, Tap, lyrical and Hip Hop solos. I swim at Paul Saddler Swimland in squad and I have achieved completing my swimming diploma and I am working towards competing in a 5 kilometre swim later this year. I also have a tutoring class each week and I have recently taken up golf lessons. I also fill out my diary every day and I don’t just do this as part of my homework, I use it for other events or activities that happen in my life.  I write what’s happening, when it’s happening and where it’s happening. For example say that I had an excursion I will make sure that I’m there early and prepared. To be a successful SRC you need to be organized.

I’m very confident with my communication skills. I read readings from the bible at church in front of strangers. To be a SRC you need to communicate with different ages. I always try my best to follow the school values. A goal of mine is to keep improving on my communication skills. Being SRC would help me communicate with others more.

I always love a good challenge. I have been to Gateways workshops several times. Being SRC would help me extend myself to be able to talk to larger groups. I feel like I’m a person who’s open to trying new things and would appreciate the opportunity to represent you, my fellow students.

I’m a very confident leader and I make sure that everyone has a fair go. As I mentioned I always try my best to follow the school vales and rules so that I show respect towards others. I think my leadership skills would help me make a great SRC.

Just one more thing. I’ll leave you with this to think about. When I had a tour at a high school I heard one of the students there say this:

“Good leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”

In conclusion I feel that I can give back a lot to this school. If elected to the SRC I promise I will make myself available to listen to your concerns and issues and represent you at the SRC. So please vote for me to be your SRC for 2018.

Kind regards


100wc #3




Lately I’ve been  feeling very dizzy and I’ve been seeing spots. my says it’s because I don’t drink enough, but I think it’s because she makes me go to school. Like seriously who in their right mind would want to go to school. So on Sunday I went for a jog with my older brother who’s in year 11 and has a strong interest in football. we went pass the big pond, 3 exercise stations and the seagull restaurant. Then I stopped and stared at a group of trees performing in a martial arts class. Dante I think you need to take me to the hospital.

BTN #1 2018





This video was about democracy and how ancient Greece made it a thing even though it might not have been as fair as it is now. It also showed other types of leadership and government such as democracy, anarchy, communism, dictatorship, monarchy, republic and totalitarian state.

1. Democracy is a mash up between two Greek words: demos= people and kratos= power or rule                                                                                                                                                2. Democracy= In a democracy the people elect the government. Everyone who is eligible to vote has a chance to have his or her say over who runs the country.                                          3. Anarchy= Anarchy is a situation where there is no government. In an anarchy, every person does their own thing; there are no rules or organisation. This can happen after a civil war in a country, when a government has been overthrown and different groups are fighting for control.                                                                                                                                     4. Communism= Communism is a system where the government plans and controls the economy, owning all the businesses and farms. In its ideal form, all the labour and the goods produced are equally shared by the people.                                                                                 5. Dictatorship= This is a country ruled by a single leader who was not elected by the people. In this situation the leader may use force to keep control. In a military dictatorship, the army is in control and the leader is the head of the army.                                                                         6.  Monarchy= A monarchy has a king or queen. In some traditional monarchies this person is the only ruler. In others, like the United Kingdom, it is a constitutional monarchy, which means there is also a democratic government. The government has most of the control and the power of the Queen is limited.                                                                                                7. Republic= A republic is a country that has no monarch. The head of the country is usually an elected president. Some people in Australia want our country to become a republic.            8. Totalitarian state= This is a country with only one political party. People are forced to do what the government tells them and they may also be prevented from leaving the country.


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100wc #2 2018

PROMPT: we were moving very fast when

It was just a normal day in LA, my mum and I were driving to school. As soon as we crossed an intersection the dashboard speedometer rose up. And very quickly the cars surrounding us looked like they were parked. Then I started to hear faint sirens but I couldn’t see anything around us. It came to the point when I was struggling to breathe. ” MUM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!”


” THEN WHY ARE WE DRIVING THIS FAST!” Silence spread between us. We were moving very fast when__________SMASH!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………………………………….


100wc #1 2018

PROMPT: it climbed down the drainpipe

The time was exactly 12:02 at night. The old grandfather clock, Big Ben was chiming. The moon was shining and the stars were twinkling. I couldn’t go to sleep. The tap in my apartment kept dripping and there was nothing I could do about it. You see I’m poor and we are right in the middle of World War 1.  I’m an only child. In fact I’m the only person in my family. My mother died because she was hit by a bomb and I never met my father because he died before I was born. So I decided I will try and fix it by myself. But out from the drainpipe came the creepiest creature you will ever see……………………

William Smith  

at the age of 12