Book Review




The One and Only Ivan is about a gorilla called Ivan who has lived in the mall for as long as he can remember. He hasn’t had a taste of freedom or life outside of capacity since he was born. He’s stuck in a cage! Going through tough times, his friends coming and going. Overall this is an amazing story about a gorilla making his way through a tough life time. But in the end a new start begins.


RATING: 4/5= 80%

IMPROVEMENT: Something the author could work on is the wording of the text but the message was amazing!

GENRE: Friendship, adventure and freedom.

CONNECTIONS: Madagascar because one particular animal wants to break free from captivity.


QUICK RUN! The tiger was blocking our escape. You see we were playing a bored game based on the movie Indiana Jones and as soon as I went to sleep I ended up here with my brother. Why god are you being so harsh to me!! You see I HATE my brother AND NOW I’M STUCK IN A STUPID TEMPLE WITH HIM AND A STUPID TIGER IS BLOCKING MY WAY OF GETTING HOME AND LOCKING MYSELF IN MY ROOM TO SCREAM MY HEAD OFF!!!!!! Why????