Writing by me and Emily

Down came the rain at 12:03. My eyes open. I walk down the corridor towards the staircase. I feel a gush of wind behind me. I turn around. To my shock I see something written on my wall. “Daddy’s gonna get you.” I run down the stairs into the toy room and lock the door. I hear a noise. I quickly turn around. I see a doll on the chair looking directly at my eyes. I slowly walk towards it. It was my favourite doll when I was little. Her name is Rose. She had red hair with two plats. Suddenly lightning struck outside my house destroying my garden. I turned back to the doll, she’s holding a miniature me! I hear a voice, it’s coming from her! “I love you dolly, but daddy’s gonna get you.”


All of a sudden I hear a gunshot. I turn around and there’s a man standing in the doorway. He starts staring at something. I’m not sure what but I think I know. Then thee doll says “Daddy’s gonna get you.” I turn around look at the man again, he starts lifting his hands. He’s holding something. I look a bit closer at his hands and notice he’s holding a gun! He looks at the doll again.


“Yes now!” the doll replies. He starts pointing the gun at me. I’m not sure what to do. I’m panicking, then all of a sudden… BANG!


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