Read like a reader

Read like a reader- little Ania- William Hugel:


Prediction: I predict that this text will be about a little girl called Ania and how she becomes older and more mature.


Questions: Does little Ania have a mental health problem?


Infer: I’m inferring that little Ania hasn’t got many friends.


Connect: I can relate to little Ania with my hair being like rats tails because when I wake up in the morning my hair is rats tails. I can’t even get a brush through it. It’s a challenge.


Feel: When I found out little Ania was being bullied I felt really sorry for her.


Evaluate: I loved this short story. It had a lot of emotions. I would highly recommend this book.


3 Responses

  1. Ella says:

    I liked how in Little Ania, in the connect section, you said your hair is like rat tails. I didn;’t think about using that as a connection and I’m sure that it’s something most people can relate to. Good job!

  2. jett2016 says:

    It was good but make it a little longer. 😈

  3. ambrosec2016 says:

    you did a good job but make it longer next time

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