By Eloise


Down came the rain at 12:03. My eyes open. I walk down the corridor towards the staircase. I feel a gush wind behind me I turn around. To my shock something’s written on the wall. “Daddy’s gonna get you.” I run down to the stairs into the toy room and lock the door. I hear a noise. I quickly turn around. I see a doll on a chair looking directly at my eyes. I slowly walk towards it. It was my favourite doll when I was younger. Her name was Rose. She had red hair with 2 plates. Suddenly lightning struck outside my house destroying my garden. I turn back to the doll. She’s holding a miniature her. I hear a voice. It’s coming from her! “ I love you dolly, but daddy’s gonna get you.”

2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hi Eloise this is a really good writing piece you have written. I can’t believe you can write so amazing in a really short time. Maybe you can work on your punctuation like commas for like the first bit of the story but other than that well done.😜😜😜😜😜

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