BTN- Cyclone Debbie- week#4

This video clip was about how cyclone Debbie hit Queensland, Australia. it tore down houses and destroyed gardens. Fortunately when disastrous Debbie passed by residents, the SES, emergency services and even the Australian army.


  1. It occurred on Tuesday, 2017

It was located in Queensland, Australia



  1. Has cyclone Debbie Debbie been to Australia in the past.




When my dad and I walk into the museum I felt a cold gush of wind fly pass my neck. Suddenly I stopped in tracks. I heard faint little screams. “It’s coming from the wall!” I yelled. My father looked at me with confusion. “I heard  screams” I told him surprised that he didn’t hear anything. I felt another gush of wind fly past my ear. I turned around to see two tall figures walk through a concrete wall.

I pulled my dad’s solder speechless. But when he turned the two figures were gone. That leaves me wondering what is happening?


100 Word Challenge


Work is the first word you think of when something is challenging. Life can be tough at times and you just got to live with it.



When something or someone is pretty. It can also be used as a complement.



A colour that to me represents a mix of calm and sadness.



That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when everywhere you turn there’s no one there to help you. You’re scared, nauseous, anxious and worried.



An object that takes and stores photos. It’s basically a box that holds your treasures for you.