100 word challenge- so that is why I’m always last

Hi I’m Ruby and I love to Literacy and Numeracy. No need to brag but most of the time I get A+’s and occasionally I get A’s. I hate Fridays because in session 1 we have …


Some people think I’m weird because basically everyone loves P.E. But this morning may have been the worst P.E session I have ever had. We got told that we had to do a 3 KM SPRINT!

When I heard Abby (our P.E teacher) say “3, 2, 1, GO!” I ran as fast as I could but I had no hope that I would win. Finally I finished last. So that is why I’m always last.  


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  1. alexia2016 says:

    Hi Eloise I thought that 100wc was really, good it was fun to read. Next time I thought you could be a bit more descriptive otherwise it was great.

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