History report- Anh Do’s story

Anh Do wrote a book about his experience being a refugee. I’ve read the picture story version on his experience of being a refugee and it was heart-warming. I would highly recommend reading his story.


  • Anh do and his family escaped a war in Vietnam when he was two and travelled at sea for 5 days.
  • He and his family were rescued by kind and caring Germans.
  • He is a comedian.


  • Was it hard to fit in at school?


  • How long has he been a comedian for?




  • I’m still wondering what did him and his family float on for the first part of his trip?




100 word challenge- …but how can something be so tiny…

I run as fast as I can behind the hedge but there’s no time to run around it. I had no other choice but to run through it. I sprint up to the hedge and take a ginormous leap like my life depends on it. Actually my hide and seek carrier depends on it. When I landed on the ground I was pretty sure I was dreaming because I saw thousands of tiny people surrounding me. They helped me up and took me into their homes. It was a bit of a squeeze to get inside their homes but that’s okay it was the thought that counts.

“Nathen, are you ok?” Jimmy asked

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Where did you go? What did you see?”

“I saw thousands of tiny people and they invited me into their homes.”

“But how can something be so tiny and have such a big heart?”

“I don’t know.”

BTN- Why do we sleep?


This video clip was about why humans and animals sleep. There is still no exact answer yet on why we sleep but you might already know that humans need sleep to survive like you need food and water to survive. But one thing scientists do know is that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping.


  1. When we’re asleep we’re almost completely unaware of our surroundings. It’s not a problem now but a long,long time ago  you could be attacked by wild animals. Even now sleeping animals can be attacked by predators.
  2. Dolphins and some other animals sleep with only one half of their brain at a time. That’s why they can come up for breaths and can swim while they’re asleep using half of their brain.


  1.  Do dolphins have all the parts of a human brain?

100 word challenge- so that is why I’m always last

Hi I’m Ruby and I love to Literacy and Numeracy. No need to brag but most of the time I get A+’s and occasionally I get A’s. I hate Fridays because in session 1 we have …


Some people think I’m weird because basically everyone loves P.E. But this morning may have been the worst P.E session I have ever had. We got told that we had to do a 3 KM SPRINT!

When I heard Abby (our P.E teacher) say “3, 2, 1, GO!” I ran as fast as I could but I had no hope that I would win. Finally I finished last. So that is why I’m always last.       


Australian History- 2 convicts that stole a place in history

Some people thought that moving to Australia was torture while  others thought it was a dream come true. But for these particular men they wanted to be captured to move to Australia to start a new life. But because they were soldiers they got a punishment far worse. They were put in chains that you could barely walk or stand in. One of the men started to feel a bit sick. Day by day his sickness got worse. Finally he was taken to prism hospital. After a few days he died. These were only some of the harsh punishments London had to give to convicts.

Australian History

BTN- The First Flee

In the 1770’s children stole for a living

England’s laws were really harsh. Stealing could lead you to a death sentence and since all the jails were full something had to be done.

The conditions on the ships were harsh. There were rats & and lots of other creatures everywhere.



My Place- Waruwi 1788

The aboriginals used a to keep mosquitoes away.

If the white people find out that the aboriginals were the only ones here they will never get rid of them.

The white people introduced cows to Australia.