All About Me 2017


My name is Eloise. I love to dance, swim and write stories. I LOVE dogs. I used to have my own dog but sadly we had to put him down due to complications of old age.

My favorite holiday I have been on would be when I went to the gold coast for a week.

My dream holiday would be a trip to California.

My favorite colors are pink and blue.

I dance nearly every day of the week and swim once a week. I am a passionate dancer and a strong swimmer. The types of dancing that I do are tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, hip hop, solos, competitions and R.A.D which stands for Royal Academy Of Dance.

Both of my parents are Nurses.

On the holidays I went away to Ocean Grove. We went away on Christmas eve and came back on the 30th of December. We spent a lot of time at the beach. It was fun, nice and relaxing.

With my future carrier I would like to become either a teacher, an architect, a vet, a doctor, a nurse or become the Prime minister of Australia. And if your wondering I don’t know what I’m going to do about Australia’s borders and Tax issues quite yet so please don’t ask.


3 Responses

  1. senada says:

    Hi Eloise,

    I love dancing too! What is your favourite type of dance?

  2. prapti2017 says:

    Hi Eloise really liked your part of being priminister of Austrailia. If you are then that is cool! But really loved the peice of writing you wrote!!!!!!!!!

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