All About Me 2017


My name is Eloise. I love to dance, swim and write stories. I LOVE dogs. I used to have my own dog but sadly we had to put him down due to complications of old age.

My favorite holiday I have been on would be when I went to the gold coast for a week.

My dream holiday would be a trip to California.

My favorite colors are pink and blue.

I dance nearly every day of the week and swim once a week. I am a passionate dancer and a strong swimmer. The types of dancing that I do are tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, hip hop, solos, competitions and R.A.D which stands for Royal Academy Of Dance.

Both of my parents are Nurses.

On the holidays I went away to Ocean Grove. We went away on Christmas eve and came back on the 30th of December. We spent a lot of time at the beach. It was fun, nice and relaxing.

With my future carrier I would like to become either a teacher, an architect, a vet, a doctor, a nurse or become the Prime minister of Australia. And if your wondering I don’t know what I’m going to do about Australia’s borders and Tax issues quite yet so please don’t ask.


3 thoughts on “All About Me 2017

  1. Hi Eloise really liked your part of being priminister of Austrailia. If you are then that is cool! But really loved the peice of writing you wrote!!!!!!!!!

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