Monthly Archives for February 2017

My Great Camp Experience

We just finished our first activity for the day, had morning tea and were on our way down to the shed where we had snorkeling. When we arrived our boat wasn’t there yet so we were allowed to have a little play in the rocks. someone in my group came over to where I was […]

All About Me 2017

Hello, My name is Eloise. I love to dance, swim and write stories. I LOVE dogs. I used to have my own dog but sadly we had to put him down due to complications of old age. My favorite holiday I have been on would be when I went to the gold coast for a […]

Safer Internet Day Reflection 2017

-What did the webinar cover  Today we were involved in a webinar chat which talked about safe use of your accounts and posts online and how that is your digital footprint. It talked about how if you post something online then that can lead to people leaving hate comments, hackers, people trying to steal your […]

Welcome to 2017

This year you’ll be dazzled and amazed by my new and exciting blog. Feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy.