My Great Camp Experience

We just finished our first activity for the day, had morning tea and were on our way down to the shed where we had snorkeling. When we arrived our boat wasn’t there yet so we were allowed to have a little play in the rocks. someone in my group came over to where I was standing and it looked like he was holding something. It turned out to be a crab. Surprisingly it did not pinch him once.


Finally our boat came to pick us up. When the boat started to move I put my hands up in the air. Our first stop was where a lot of seals were lying down on. We got to name the seals. The names we named them were:                                                 Charlotte, Donna, Grumpy, Eat’a’lot, Sleepy, Lazy and Fat Gut.


For our next stop we went into this beautiful cave. And on a rock there were so many seals sleeping. It was amazing.


When we came out of the cave our engine stopped in the middle of the ocean. After about 5 mins the guy fixed it. And that my friends is my great camp experience.



All About Me 2017


My name is Eloise. I love to dance, swim and write stories. I LOVE dogs. I used to have my own dog but sadly we had to put him down due to complications of old age.

My favorite holiday I have been on would be when I went to the gold coast for a week.

My dream holiday would be a trip to California.

My favorite colors are pink and blue.

I dance nearly every day of the week and swim once a week. I am a passionate dancer and a strong swimmer. The types of dancing that I do are tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, hip hop, solos, competitions and R.A.D which stands for Royal Academy Of Dance.

Both of my parents are Nurses.

On the holidays I went away to Ocean Grove. We went away on Christmas eve and came back on the 30th of December. We spent a lot of time at the beach. It was fun, nice and relaxing.

With my future carrier I would like to become either a teacher, an architect, a vet, a doctor, a nurse or become the Prime minister of Australia. And if your wondering I don’t know what I’m going to do about Australia’s borders and Tax issues quite yet so please don’t ask.


Safer Internet Day Reflection 2017

-What did the webinar cover 

Today we were involved in a webinar chat which talked about safe use of your accounts and posts online and how that is your digital footprint. It talked about how if you post something online then that can lead to people leaving hate comments, hackers, people trying to steal your personal information e.g. phone number, address etc or people messaging you and threatening you, by being mean and making you upset. It also said that if you get famous online then you can be stalked, a lot of people will try to hack your account and you loose a lot of your privacy rights. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, to be different and to have their privacy to be private. If your feeling sad or upset about something online then you should always talk to a trusted adult or go to the eSaftey Website.


– What behaviors did they talk about that we already do

They spoke about how to react/respond to people hating or being rude on your account, they said to talk to a trusted adult ( parents, grandparents, auntie, uncle) or report it to someone. If  your feeling unsafe online then you always have people to talk to so always remember that you are not alone.


– A goal to set for future internet use

If someone messages me in a rude, threatening, mean or scary way then I will make sure to always tell a trusted adult and make sure that I don’t keep everything to myself. I will always know that I am not alone and I always have someone to talk to